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Enter the world of Westeros with Wee Buses Belfast

Let our Game of Thrones fan (your driver) take you to the various exciting locations, where the hit HBO show was filmed.

Our main tour is along the north coast of Ireland - it consists off:
  • Leaving Belfast first thing in the morning, as it's best to get on the road, ahead of the other Game of Thrones fanatics.
  • We will take the Causeway Coastal Route, passing a few picturesque landmarks, one being Carrickfergus Castle, we will also see the Magheramorne Quarry (main location of Castle Black and the Wall).
Our first main stop will be at Carnlough, you will get to see the exact spot of when Arya climbs the harbour steps, while trying to escape the Waif, who had been given the go-ahead by Jaqen H'Ghar to kill Arya. Some fans like to re-create that scene at the famous steps.
Our next stop will be at the Cushendun Caves, where Melisandre give birth to a dark spirit, while Sir Davos is watching in shock.

We then take a drive on up the stunning coast towards Larrybane - which was home to Renly Baratheon's camp, it's also the first time, we get to see Brianne and her combat skills.

Another one of Northern Ireland's landmark, we recommend you take in, is the magnificent Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, it will test even the bravest person's limits, but such a thrill.

Our next stop will be Ballintoy Harbour, also known as the Iron Islands, so many scenes filmed at this stunning location:
  • Theon came ashore Pyke Island
  • Sir Davos seeks the help of Salladhor San, for the battle of Blackwater Bay
  • Theon rededicated his faith to "drowned gods"
  • Gendry escapes in a rowing boat
Always remember, WBB can get you to where big buses can't!

We head off next to Dunluce Castle (House of Greyjoy), for many more photo opportunities at this picturesque landmark.

And finally our last stop of the day is at the famous Dark Hedges - King's Road - in which Arya and Gendry escape King's Landing.




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